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Roots of Deshwal Organics - My story🌿

Updated: Jul 27


Above is the First Pamphlet of Deshwal Organics - Cow Country Farm....

From Gau Seva to A2 Milk: A Journey of Organic Commitment

In the hustle and bustle of city life, My strong connection to my roots and a deep love for nature led to the establishment of a remarkable venture - a company dedicated to providing pure A2 milk and organic products to the community. This blog recounts the inspiring journey of how my passion for Gau Seva (cow welfare) transformed into a thriving business promoting organic living and honest practices.

Embracing A2 Milk - A Dream Fulfilled:

It all started with a vision to bring the goodness of pure milk from desi cows (A2 Quality) to the bustling city of Delhi, where A1 milk had dominated the market for years. Driven by a profound connection to my village and its traditional farming practices ,I decided to embark on a mission to make A2 milk accessible to the local community.

The Journey Unfolds:

To realize my dream, I ventured back to my village, where I immersed himself in learning the art of Gau Seva. Spending time with my beloved Gir cow, I learned the meticulous process of milking and tending to the cow's needs. The commitment and respect I showed to my cow reflected in the quality of milk he obtained, and soon, my relatives and friends sought to experience the benefits of this pure milk.

From Passion to Business:

Motivated by the overwhelming response from my loved ones, I took a leap of faith and started my own company. In April 2022, I established my farm at Loni road, Delhi, with a single employee, gradually expanding to include more cows and advanced machinery for green fodder production. My focus remained unwavering - to deliver pure milk without any adulteration, pasteurization, or added water.

A Move for Better Horizons:

As demand grew, I realized the need for a more spacious and conducive environment for my cows. With the welfare of my cows as a top priority, I relocated his venture to Khekra, Uttar Pradesh, where I could provide a healthier and happier space for my beloved animals.

An Organic Revelation:

Driven by my connection to nature, I also ventured into the world of organic compost and pesticide. Witnessing the incredible growth of plants nourished by compost made from cow dung and protected by pesticide derived from cow urine, I saw a demand for organic products. Inspired by the potential of this market, I decided to make compost and pesticide for selling purposes, advocating for organic and sustainable farming practices.

Lessons from Challenges:

Success did not come overnight. There were times when excess milk remained, but with innovative thinking and dedication, I transformed the surplus into value-added products like paneer, ghee, and butter. Learning from the challenges, I realized that compassion, empathy, and active engagement with every task were essential in overcoming hurdles and growing a thriving business.

The inspiring journey of my life is a testament to the power of passion, commitment, and a connection to one's roots. From the noble mission of Gau Seva to providing pure A2 milk and organic products, my journey exemplifies how a simple dream can flourish into a transformative business that benefits both people and the planet. Embracing compassion and sustainability, I continue to pave the way for a healthier and more conscientious way of living.

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