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Why we don't use hormonal injection in our cows?

Most of the dairies use hormonal injection for yielding milk production in their cows and buffaloes, mainly when their calf die.

Deshwal Organics strictly don't promote use of any hormonal injection in their cows due to various harmful effects.

Injecting hormones externally has various effects on human health and cow health as well.

Studies found that milk from those cows having hormones injected are a cause of cancer in humans.

Children are most susceptible to its effects and it is known to have caused imbalanced hearing and weak eyesight.

Due to hormonal imbalances created by exogenous source of hormones like oxytocin in milk and dairy products, the age at which girls attain menarche has come down drastically from 16 years of age to 10 years of age. Boys have been diagnosed with gynecomastia (breast enlargement). It is very harmful for humans who unwittingly are made to consume an artificially created hormone. Humans face all the harmful effects of this drug.

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