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Why Deshwal Organics ?

We are a reputable milk supplier and organic-compost making company, dedicated to selling pure A2 milk and products sourced from our own cows on our farms. Our focus is on organic products primarily made from cow dung, including high-quality compost. We are committed to promoting sustainability and eco-friendly solutions while supporting local farmers. Choose us for pure A2 milk and organic offerings.

From Owner

As the owner, our mission is to support the upcoming generation by offering organic solutions to their healthcare needs, enabling them to lead healthy and nutritious lives in today's fast food-dominated era. We take pride in providing a diverse selection of high-quality, pure, and organic products sourced from natural ingredients and cultures. Our commitment to sustainability and nature ensures that our offerings are both beneficial and environmentally friendly, promoting a healthier lifestyle for our customers. Join us in embracing organic solutions for a better future.

Our Team


Our team boasts extensive experience in handling intricate operations, including sourcing, customer service, technology, and logistics. Led by highly qualified professionals, we are also guided by dairy management experts who serve as our key advisers.

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Founder's Message

At Deshwal Organics, we are dedicated to providing an exclusive range of unadulterated, chemical-free farm fresh produce, including milk, Ghee, Butter, and more, through our COW COUNTRY FARM. Our focus is on delivering products that benefit children, youth, and adults alike. Moreover, we deeply care about the environment, which is why we have also introduced NATURAL BIO PRODUCTS, organic compost, and pesticides that enhance soil health and safeguard us from harmful chemicals. Embracing a sustainable and eco-friendly approach, we strive to offer wholesome and safe options for our consumers and the planet. Together, let's cultivate a healthier and greener future.


Experience The Premium quality of A2 milk and organic products

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